Thursday, June 25, 2009

Subway riders in Boston are RUDE!

I have to take the subway 5 stops to get from North Station to Arlington on the Green Line each day, and I have to tell the world FEW people offer me a seat when they are all taken. Example one, two weeks ago I was on a very crowed train in the afternoon when I was standing in front of a man, so close due to the crowd, my belly was about a foot from the front of his face, did he offer me his seat, NO what he did instead was pick at a wart on his hand instead! Gross! That leads us to tonight, example number two. A crowed train pulls into Arlington, I get on an see a man (in his 20s I would guess) sitting on the end of two seats, taking up both seats. He has a backpack on as well as a duffel bag on his back. I politely ask if he will move so I can take the seat by the window, when he POINTS to his backpack and duffel bag as to say "Sorry my bags are taking up that seat, no room for you." So I point at my belly as to say "Um jerk face my pregnant self has more right to that seat than your BAGS!" So jerk face gets up reluctantly so I can slid in, but does not take his bags off his back and put the on the floor, so for the next two stops his bags are jamming up against me. I was so pissed off at the rudeness of this dude, I decided I would take a photo with my phone so you can all see what I was putting up with!

I do hope Greg and I do a better job at raising a nice young man, this dude's parents failed at that task big time!

I would like to note a nice Hispanic man (I note this because they do seam to me to be the most polite T riders) gave me his seat the second I stepped on a full green line train this morning. That is however I am sad to report not what usually happens, young woman, and professional men are the worst offends.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mourning the loss of my ankles!

My legs now seam to turn right into my feet, the swelling has begun. I was so sure this would not start until it got hot outside since I drink my weight in water every day, and spend my workweek sitting at desk. No such luck, we have had the coldest, sunless June in a century and the swollen ankles are here, and most likely hear to stay. I just hope at this point that my hands won’t follow suite anytime soon, I would hate to have to have take my rings off!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

3-hour glucose tolerance test - Results!

Whooo hoooo I passed! No special diet for me, thank goodness! I have come to realize that no news from my Dr.'s office usually means good news, as when I failed the 1-hour test they called me the same day, but I had to call them to find out the results of the 3-hour test, and have had to ask my Dr. during my appointments if other blood tests they took came back with good/negative results. My arms are still bruised from all that pocking me with needles (although at this point only I would notice). I am so glad that is over with.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

27 Weeks! Epic Fail on the 1-hour glucose test.

27 Weeks already – are we really almost done with the 2nd trimester already! How did that happen?

Just as I feared I failed the 1 hour glucose test on Wednesday, and was told I would need to take the 3 hour test. They wanted to see a glucose level of no more than 130, and mine was 181! So here I am very early on a Saturday morning spending 3 hours at the Beverly Hospital Laboratory. The reason, for those of you who don’t know, I have to take these tests is to make sure I am not developing gestational diabetes while I am pregnant. Since diabetes runs in my family, it is probably for the best that I am taking the more comprehensive test.

I got here right at 7:00 am, they took a blood sample, and I then I had 5 minutes to drink the very orange glucose drink. They then took my blood again at 8:00 am, and I have to give another blood sample at 9:00 am, and 10:00 am before they will release me. Greg very kindly dropped me off, and will be coming back to pick me up at 10. I have not been able to eat anything since last night, so the nurse told me when I was scheduling the 3 hour test that I should eat something before I drive because I would be light headed. So far I am doing alright, but I do have a slight headache. I took the nurse seriously since when I don’t eat regularly I get very cranky and lethargic, and I would not want to be driving in that condition. Greg has promised to bring me a sausage, egg, and cheese on a bagel when he comes back to get me! Ummmmm sausage, egg , and cheese! I am one of 7 other pregnant ladies hanging out in the lab this morning. One of which really should invest in some maternity clothes that actually fit her, so I don’t have to see her outie belly button staring at me every time I look up from this laptop (yuck).

We finally picked out the carpet tiles for the nursery, and I ordered them earlier this week. I was shocked when the shipping was going to cost $82! So off to the Google I went and after some searching I found a coupon code that was supposed to have expired, but I tried it anyway, and guess what – FREE Shipping! They shipped fast, arriving yesterday! We hope to continue to work on the nursery this weekend, get some light blocking shades for the windows, and some hardware so the valances can go up. If we can move the guest bed to my parents house as well then we can start putting the carpet tiles down. Then we will be ready for the crib!

And just for fun here is the 27 week belly shot (not one of my better photos, I usually take them first thing in the morning, this was taken in the evening after a long week):

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mousing, it’s what we do….

I guess it is just one of the things we will have to continue to address here at our home on Cabot Street in the summer months – Mice! My best guess is that actually climb up the side of the house and come in through the open eaves in the attic and then make their way down to the 2nd floor in search of food. Well the good news for us human inhabits and the bad new for these cute little field mice looking for some grub is that there is not one but two cats on the premises that are on the look out for them. I am the proud Mommy to two excellent mice catching cats! Yes for the 3rd time since April Greg and I were woken up in the early hours of the morning to a great deal of cat activity and the squeal of a mouse.

Here is the procedure that takes place from the point of being woken up. Greg is to get up and follow the cats and keep an eye out on what they are doing with the mouse. It is usually a game of catch, release, catch again, run off with mouse in mouth. My job is to get some Tupperware and some cardboard (usual a snack box, they work best, from our paper recycling bin) and bring them to Greg. Greg then asks the cat to drop the mouse, and now that we have learned to keep much calmer in these situations the cat does as asked. Greg covers the mouse with the Tupperware container, and then slides the cardboard under it, and proceeds to return the mouse to the outside world where he/she belongs (yes its true we can not bear to kill any living animal). Trot and Maverick then get praised for there good work, but we can tell they are a little disappointed that the excitement is over. They then return to checking out the whole house, usually returning to where they first spotted the mouse, and do a through search to make sure the cost is clear of any additional mice for them to catch and play with.

Good work Trotman & Maverick – Mommy and Daddy appreciate all the hard work you do to keep our home free of mice!