Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Party Time!

We hosted our 2nd annual holiday party this past Saturday. It was great to have all our friends that could make it in one place all at the same time. After last years Yankee Swap and the Pink Flamingos that pissed Sabrina off, and the 365 day Kama Sutra calendar to which may be to thank for the creation of Sophia …everyone brought some really funny gifts to this year’s event to try to top last years!

A short list of the gifts people went home with
· The “little pisser” booze dispenser with bottle of vodka
· Tissues/KY/ and the Handy Hand Job Book
· Let Fu*&K – a board game
· Candy Bra
· A humping dog USB memory stick
· A Jesus Clock
· Life Suck 365 day calendar
· The light up Salt lamp thing

Andy won the tile of best gift with that Jesus mantle clock, which Sabrina went home with … I think her reaction went “Dam it’s the Fu*%ing flamingos all over again!”

I hope you all had a good time, I know we did and can’t wait to host again next year!

This year I remembered to take a few photos:
Getting the food ready

Chalifour Sibs: Tom, Jill, AJ, & Andy
Eli, Nick, & Greg enjoying some Dogfish 120 min Ale..in wine glasses :-) Spiced Apple Sangria - yummmmy
Jill and Sophia - she likes to nap on her Aunite
The proud Parents of Sophia, Phil & Nicole
Party People
Holly & Aaron

Greg & Sabrina

The brothers
The Yankee Swap gifts

Marci & Nick

I love to decorate the house for the Christmas!

Happy Holidays Everyone! I love decorating for Christmas, it is the only holiday that gets me in this mood (maybe because you can leave the decorations out for a month or two and no one things you are weird or lazy). So I am taking this opportunity to show off my d├ęcor with you all and show off my new china cabinet that I love so much!

You will note there is no tree... with the limited space and two crazy cats, and the husband that won't let me get a fake tree (and yes I would much rather a live one myself) we are going to have to go without this year (I can't deal with the mess, the one that the cats would made dragging needles to every corner of the house, and Maverick most likely thinking it was something to clime up rather than to sleep under like good cats do).

Sunday, December 7, 2008

SNOW! and Cats!

We had the first official snow fall today! Greg and I went for a walk around Wenham lake (short walk from our house) and it was beautiful to see all the trees covered in white show and the clam quit sound of the woods. I kept saying I wished I had grabbed the camera and gotten a few photos to share. Turkey meatballs are now simmering away in the crock pot, and this great weekend is coming to a close.

Friday was the Baupost holiday party. We got to drink great wine and eat great food and got to talk with some of my co-workers and get to know their wife/husbands/girlfriends/boyfriends. Saturday night we went up to York ME to our friends Melissa & Eric home for a small holiday gathering (the big party had to be canceled due to Eric falling off his friends roof and breaking his heel, ouch!!).

I don't have any action photos to share of our recent activities so I will conclude with some funny photos of our cats Trot (brown tiger striped) and Maverick (gray and white) taken recently.

Both Mav and Trot like to sleep on Greg and I like to take photos of this...