Sunday, December 7, 2008

SNOW! and Cats!

We had the first official snow fall today! Greg and I went for a walk around Wenham lake (short walk from our house) and it was beautiful to see all the trees covered in white show and the clam quit sound of the woods. I kept saying I wished I had grabbed the camera and gotten a few photos to share. Turkey meatballs are now simmering away in the crock pot, and this great weekend is coming to a close.

Friday was the Baupost holiday party. We got to drink great wine and eat great food and got to talk with some of my co-workers and get to know their wife/husbands/girlfriends/boyfriends. Saturday night we went up to York ME to our friends Melissa & Eric home for a small holiday gathering (the big party had to be canceled due to Eric falling off his friends roof and breaking his heel, ouch!!).

I don't have any action photos to share of our recent activities so I will conclude with some funny photos of our cats Trot (brown tiger striped) and Maverick (gray and white) taken recently.

Both Mav and Trot like to sleep on Greg and I like to take photos of this...

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