Monday, September 28, 2009

Naked Baby Streching

Here is a quick video of Connor getting ready for a feeding in just his dipper. He is quite active when he is awake. :-)

Connor's Birth Story

Connor James Chagnon’s Birth Story

My last day of work was my due date Friday September 11th 2009. At my last two appointments the doctors said I was 2-3 cm dilated. I was still convinced that I was going to be at least a week late and would be sitting around playing the waiting game and would have one less week at home with the baby. To my surprise Saturday afternoon (September 12th) I went to lie down just before 3 pm and to try to take a nap. After a few minutes I felt a trickle, then another, at which point I quickly got off the bed since I was pretty sure my water broke. I called Greg who was upstairs on his computer, and went to the bathroom. We called the weekend answering service, and the midwife on call returned my call, she told us to head right over to labor and delivery. The hospital is only 5 minutes from our house, so we finished packing up our bags, and called my parents to tell them we would not be coming over for dinner that night after all. I was slightly shocked, as I never expected my water to break and could not believe that in less than 24 hours we would have a baby.

I was not leaking a lot while we were getting ready to leave, but when I went to get in the car I felt another gush, I told Greg to go back inside and get a towel, I went back inside and changed the pad I put on. We made it to the hospital before once again another huge gush, by the time we got to L&D my pants were soaked to the knees. At this point I still have not felt any contractions yet. I was put on the monitors, and then the OB on call came in and checked me, he said I was ~ 4 cm dilated. After the exam the contractions started. I was taken off the monitors and the nurse suggested that we order food if we wanted dinner that night. We then went to for a walk to help get things started, by the time we got back and the food arrived my contractions were coming regularly and food was the last thing I wanted. I asked the nurse to put the IV line in so I could get an epidural as soon as I wanted it. The nurse called IV therapy to put the line in since I had such bad carpel tunnel in my hands towards the end of my pregnancy. The nurse hooked me up to the IV fluids and told me the anesthesiologist was currently in an emergency c-section. I was uncomfortable, but not totally miserable, so the short wait did not bother me. At 7:30 pm I had the epidural and Greg and I were able to chill out and watch the Red Sox game that has been delayed due to the rain that day. I could still feel the pressure of the contractions, but no pain. The next 4.5 hours we just hung out watching TV while I would change positions every hour or so to keep things progressing. I first felt the urge to push around midnight, so afterwards I stared pushing. I am not sure after how long I had been pushing, the nurse suggested we add the squatting bar to the bed, but I was up for trying anything new since my pushing did not seam to be working well yet. I tired squatting and pushing a few times, but was frustrated that no one could tell me if I was making any progress. Next the nurse tied a sheet to the bar, so I could grab on to the sheet and pull myself up when I was pushing, this seamed to work best for me. I was still pushing after 2 plus hours later when my contractions stated to get irregular, I would have 2 or 3 at regular intervals then there would be a 4 or 5 minute break, and even in my exhausted state I knew this was not a good thing and was getting a little concerned. The decision was made to give me some pitocin to get thing moving again. I am not sure how much pitocin I got before all of a sudden his head was almost out, and it hurt so much I found the energy to push like 8 times in a row to get his head out. Finally at 2:46 am on Sunday September 13th Connor James was born! The midwife put him on my chest, and I was so in love! He was wide awake and looking all around. I called my parents and they came right over to the hospital to meet him. I got to hold him for almost two hours before they took him to clean him up and run all the tests on him. He passed all his test with filing colors, the nurse asked if I wanted to send him up to the nursery to get cleaned up since he had pooped while I was holding him and he had poop all over his bottom and legs. Finally Greg got to hold him for the first time around 4:30 am before he went up to the nursery.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Connor James Chagnon

Connor James Chagnon made his big arrival into this world Sunday August 13th at 2:46 am, he weighed 8 lbs, 9 oz, and was 20 inches long. We are so in love with the little guy it is a feeling that is impossible to describe. I will try to write a longer post with more detials soon when things calm down and we get in a better routine. For now if you would like to see more photos here is a link to a photo album:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What does Trotman know?

These last few weeks, as I have gotten more and more uncomfortable, sleep has become harder to come by (the cold did not help either), also when I am home I spend more time just sitting on the couch with my feet up. Besides my wonderful husband who is always asking if I need anything and always willing to get me anything I need/want there is another guy in this house almost always keeping an eye on me, and that would be Trotman. When I am awake in the middle of the night Trotman is always with me, if I get up off the couch 9 times out of 10 he will follow me wherever I go, and then when I return he won't curl up into a ball to sleep until it appears that I am settled in my spot and not going anywhere. I believe that he knows something is going on and that it is his job to keep an eye out on me. Something tells me when the baby comes home Trotman will adjust quickly, and even be a great kitty big brother. He was so good the other week when a 10 month old Sophia came to visit, WALKING all over the place, and eager to give kitty a pet, he would just lay still and let her pet him. So here is to my furry protector, thanks for the head butts, the company, and the love you give me.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

39 Weeks!

We had our weekly visit to the OB on Tuesday. I saw a different doctor than usual, as mine had to be in surgery. He was very nice, but kept talking to me like I have been his patient for the last nine months! I wanted to keep telling him he has never laid eyes on me before, so he could drop the act that he knew who I was, even though I am sure it his only intentions were to make me feel comfortable. I gained 5 pounds in a week, what is going on!? That took me by surprise, I have not change any eating habits, but needless to say I skipped my nightly treat of ice cream that night out of guilt. Blood pressure was up a little (forgot the exact reading) but nothing to be concerned about, and everything else is a-ok too. I am still 2-3 cm dilated, so no change there either. The only notable change is over the long weekend I have either developed a cold or are suffering from allergies. Since last night I have been coughing up a storm and I must say I am not at all a happy camper. I am lucky that I hardly ever get sick, but the timing right now just could not be worse. I am more than uncomfortable enough that adding this to the mix is making me quite miserable. Well here is to hoping it will clear up soon. Friday when we hit the big 40 week mark, it will also signal my last day of work till December! I am so done with the commute, being at work is not bad, it is just the getting back and forth. I think my co-workers will also feel better when I am home, the great ladies I work with check in on me all day long, and give me this I can't believe you are still here look a lot. A woman from HR that is ~ 35 weeks pregnant, "yelled" at me today to "go home", can't say I was not tempted to do so.

Here is also to hoping that the little guy will soon make his appearance!

39 Weeks

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

38 Weeks - we have progress folks!

Good news from the OB today, we have made progress! I am 2-3 cm dilated! Even though this means very little as to when we can expect Baby C. to make his appearance it does means things are moving along in that direction! Everything else was good too, I gained 2 pounds this past week (I blame the amazing food at the Gonzalez/Baldizon Jack & Jill party on Saturday, LOL). Blood pressure was almost the same as last week, 126/74, and all the other things they check were all good. The Nurse & OB ask if I have any swelling, I tell them every time YES, and then all they say is that is normal. My feet have been huge for a while now, but goodness the hands hurt now too, just writing out a little note hurts! At least typing does not seam to bother them as much.

So today is September 1st - we will have a baby before this month is over! WOW! Greg and I have no more social obligations, so we are just playing the waiting game. I don't think we need to do anything else before he makes his big arrival.

At work we hired another member to our group, and she started last week. The days have been flying by as I train her to fill in for me while I am gone. I am glad I had time to get her up to speed before I left, I won't have to worry about what is going on here while I am gone. I can't believe I only have 7.5 days left in the office! If no baby post due date, you will find me walking the streets of North Beverly, and swimming at the gym, or chilling out at home with my feet up watching bad daytime TV. So don't be afraid to give me a call for a chat, I will welcome the distraction.

Lastly my huge self in my 38 week photo: