Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I love to decorate the house for the Christmas!

Happy Holidays Everyone! I love decorating for Christmas, it is the only holiday that gets me in this mood (maybe because you can leave the decorations out for a month or two and no one things you are weird or lazy). So I am taking this opportunity to show off my d├ęcor with you all and show off my new china cabinet that I love so much!

You will note there is no tree... with the limited space and two crazy cats, and the husband that won't let me get a fake tree (and yes I would much rather a live one myself) we are going to have to go without this year (I can't deal with the mess, the one that the cats would made dragging needles to every corner of the house, and Maverick most likely thinking it was something to clime up rather than to sleep under like good cats do).

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