Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 1, 2008: Tom & Pa have birthday celebrations

Last Saturday Greg, Andy, and I drove down to the lovely neighborhood of Jamaica Plain to go on a tour of the Samuel Adams Brewhouse in celebration of Tom now being old enough to enjoy these kinds of pleasures. It turns out the tour is really just an excuse to drink some free beer! They toss in some beer making know how in the beginning, but the most of the tour is in the tasting room.Our tour guide - he knew why we were all really there..
Tom, Andy, Greg, & Jill with our free tasting glasses trying out some pumpkin beer that was a test case only, they admitted they made it just for an employee party but we all got to try some and we all agreed it was tasty, even Andy and Tom who are not pumpkin beer fans.

Tom went back to another city almost as nice as JP where he goes to school to take a nap before his 21st Birthday Party was to take place with his friends at Fitchburg State that evening. Andy Greg and I went straight to our grandfather's (Pa) 80th birthday party. Here he is getting ready to blow out the candles on his ice cream cake!
Auntie Nancy made us write down stories about Pa to be shared with everyone. I got the pad first and told Andy's and my favorite memory. Pa bought off my Dad our first home computer, and IBM, because he wanted to use it for his TV repair business. This computer took those huge floppy disks, and it came with one game for kids called Gertrude’s Quest. It was a learning game, math, spelling, etc and even despite that fact Andy and I loved paying it. Pa kept the computer in the basement of the house (Essex Street), a very old house with a very damp, dark, scary basement that was full of old TVs, radios, and whatever other electronics Pa was fixing up. Every time we were over Nanna and Pa's we made Pa bring us down to the basement and set the game up for us so we could play. He would always set it up for us no matter what. What I forgot to mention was how when for the majority of my life when I would visit with my grandparents I would go to say hello to Pa and this was always what followed...
[Jill] Hi Pa
[Pa] How is my beautiful granddaughter?
[Jill] I am OK
[Pa] No you're beautiful!

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