Sunday, November 9, 2008

A few weeks ago Greg, Andy and I were talking about how we would expand our home to give us all more space as well as increase the resale value of our home. Greg and I would love to get more space as that would make our current home a place we could stay for a long time, which would be great. We love the area our home is in, we have a nice big lot, and sharing a two family home with Andy is great and easy really. The only negative beside our portion of the home being on the smaller side is the main street our home is on, street traffic can get loud with our home almost sitting right on the street with only the sidewalk separating us. Well I digress.... after kicking around some ideas, I found this great website though a blog I read call where you can design your own floor plans. I had some measurements of our house already from a class I took this past summer and from the plans that were made when we ordered the new kitchen cabinets and created our existing floor plan of our apartment on the 2nd floor (Andy's layout is very similar on the first floor). Then from there I came up with a floor plan with the addition we talked about. Here are the results of my hard work...

Current Floor Plan
Possiable Addition Floor Plan
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