Friday, November 7, 2008

Time for an update!!

Ok so we got behind on what we were hoping this blog would be, so let’s try to get back into that.
One week ago today was Halloween and it was a BIG day! Sophia Regina Sauk make her début! Congratulations to the proud parents Nicole and Phil!

Sophia weighed in at 7 lb 15 oz and is 18.5” long.

Here are the photos we took the next day when we went to visit.

Greg and I got to go see Blue Man Group that night! It was so fun to have a date night out in the city. We first got some cheese fondue at the melting pot, then after the show got some lettuce wraps and other yummy appetizers at PF Chang’s. Since it was Halloween and I assume most people were off at house parties we walked right in to both popular restaurants without reservations and got seated right away! All in all a great Friday!

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