Thursday, June 25, 2009

Subway riders in Boston are RUDE!

I have to take the subway 5 stops to get from North Station to Arlington on the Green Line each day, and I have to tell the world FEW people offer me a seat when they are all taken. Example one, two weeks ago I was on a very crowed train in the afternoon when I was standing in front of a man, so close due to the crowd, my belly was about a foot from the front of his face, did he offer me his seat, NO what he did instead was pick at a wart on his hand instead! Gross! That leads us to tonight, example number two. A crowed train pulls into Arlington, I get on an see a man (in his 20s I would guess) sitting on the end of two seats, taking up both seats. He has a backpack on as well as a duffel bag on his back. I politely ask if he will move so I can take the seat by the window, when he POINTS to his backpack and duffel bag as to say "Sorry my bags are taking up that seat, no room for you." So I point at my belly as to say "Um jerk face my pregnant self has more right to that seat than your BAGS!" So jerk face gets up reluctantly so I can slid in, but does not take his bags off his back and put the on the floor, so for the next two stops his bags are jamming up against me. I was so pissed off at the rudeness of this dude, I decided I would take a photo with my phone so you can all see what I was putting up with!

I do hope Greg and I do a better job at raising a nice young man, this dude's parents failed at that task big time!

I would like to note a nice Hispanic man (I note this because they do seam to me to be the most polite T riders) gave me his seat the second I stepped on a full green line train this morning. That is however I am sad to report not what usually happens, young woman, and professional men are the worst offends.


dangerous thomas said...

what an jerk face.

Lyndsey said...

I remember those days...those green line riders are the worst! I very very rarely got offered a seat, and when I did it was usually a woman (who I assume also had children and knew what I was going through...).