Tuesday, October 20, 2009

5 Weeks Old Already!

Sorry blog readers that I have not been able to sit down and tell you more about Connor’s first month of life. He keeps me very busy and I have tired to get to bed around the same time he goes down for the night so that I can too get some sleep.

Connor’s first two weeks were hard on Greg and me, but since then things have gotten easier every day. I was having trouble with breastfeeding at first, and Connor had dropped a little more weight than we would have like to see initially, however with the help of the lactation consultants and supplementing in some formula into his diet we were able to get him back up to his birth weight by his 2 week appointment with the pediatrician. She then gave us the go ahead to let him sleep as long as he likes at night, no more waking him up to feed every two hours! Now he will sleep anywhere from 3.5 to 5 hours a stretch when we first put him down for the night, then he wakes up every 2-3 hours after that. During the day he really only takes small cat naps if we stay home, but will fall asleep for longer ones if we go for a walk in the stroller or go for a car ride.

When he is awake he is very alert. I love watching him find new things every day like his hand or the toy hanging down from his jungle mat. He does give out smiles, but is still very stingy with them. He seams to save them for people he has not seen in a little while, such as Daddy when he gets home from work, or Gramie and Gramps when they come by and visit.

I am trying to keep us busy and not necessarily at home in the house all day every day. On Tuesdays we go to a Mom’s group and meet up with lots of other babies 0-3 months old. Most of the Mom’s then go out to lunch after the meeting, it is so great to get to talk to other new Mom’s and get to learn and share our experiences. Most I walk away thankful I have such an easy baby, and wonderful helpful Husband!

Speaking of Greg, what would I do without him! After I feed Connor first thing in the morning, Greg takes over and lets me get in a nice long shower and time to get dressed and ready for the day. Then when he gets home from work he can hardly wait to get his hands on Connor! We both just love this baby!

We will be very busy in this 2nd month of Connor’s life. This past weekend he attended a big family birthday party, and had some special visitors from up North his Aunties Brooke & Sarah, and Cousin Eliot. This weekend we are heading to CT to attend Chris and Val’s wedding, as well as to have a get together with Greg’s family so they can all meet Connor. Connor’s good friend Sophia is tuning 1 on the 31st! Then it will be back to CT again for Grandpa Chagnon’s birthday and a baby shower for Baby Girl Pisarsky. Then the big adventure to San Francisco, CA! Greg has to go out there for work, and we got the OK to come out with him!

Here is a video for your viewing pleasure of one those hard to get smiles!

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melissa said...

i love his smile. He's so happy!!!!! Great work guys :) big hugs and kisses from the Calderon's.