Monday, November 23, 2009

11.5 pounds and 24.5 inches long!

Those were Connor's stats at his 2 month pediatric appointment on the 17th. I can't believe how big he is already! Some miles stones are he has learned how to get his hand in his mouth whenever he likes, not just by accident. He is also figuring out how to grasp on to things. One of his favorite toys is his firefly, he has grasped the rings that hang off the bottom and pulled on them numerous times. Sleeping has been getting better too. He goes from about 9 pm till 2 or 3 am, then he wakes up again around 5 or 6 am. I hope that it won't be too much longer till he sleeps all night, but for now 5 to 6 hours is a good stretch.

Connor sitting up with the hick-ups

Our trip to San Francisco went really well. Connor slept almost the whole plane ride out to the west cost, and then on the way back was awake more since it was day time, but still did really well. Our fellow passengers commented that they hardly knew a baby was sitting so close to them. Everyone things traveling with an infant would be hard, but I think it would be harder if he was older. We got to skip the long security line on the way back since we were traveling with a little one, and the good folks of United Airlines really did a great job accommodating our little family and making it all that much easier on us. On our first full day Connor and I went to Pier 39 where there are a lot of tourist shops, restaurants, and best of all Sea Lions! Then I hiked up the steep hills to see Lombard Street. It was cool to see the street that I had seen on TV and photos so many times in real life. The only problem is we had to go back down the hills to get a cab back to the apartment we were staying at, and that scared the crap out of me with Connor in the stroller. I wish I could have seen more, but it was hard getting around the city by myself, perhaps if there is a next time and Connor is older it will be easier.

Sea Lions

Well I am down to only 2 more weeks at home till I have to head back to work. I now wish that I could extend my leave till the new year, but I am afraid it is to late to make that request. I know those first few weeks are going to be hard, I just hope it gets easier. I won't lie I do wish I could just say home and take care of my sweet boy, he is just a joy and I don't want to miss any of it.

Well Thursday is Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday, it is just getting together with family and eating food, what could be better! I hope you all out in blogger land have a great holiday with your families.

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