Wednesday, January 13, 2010

4 Months Old!

I know it has been a long time since I have made a post! Life here in Casa de Chagnon has been busy between my going back to work and the holidays. Today marks Connor’s 4 month b-day! Next week we have his 4 month check up, so we will have his stats then.

Connor has been busy himself, first in early December he learned to roll from his belly to his back! Then just so he could say he did it before 2009 was over on New Years Eve he decided to roll from his back to belly! Connor was at Grammy and Gramps that day, and he performed his new trick for me when I came to pick him up, and again for Dad when we got home! Now we have a hard time keeping him on his back! It’s funny that after a while he gets tired of being on his belly, but has seamed to forget how to roll back to his back. Connor also has a lot to say these days he “talks” a lot! I love how he has learned to blow raspberries with his lips and tongue. Well I don’t so much enjoy getting covered in the drool that comes along with the raspberries. He also is showing a lot of control with his hands, he knows how to grab onto things, and bring them to his mouth. He can sit up assisted in either the bumbo chair, leaned against the corner of the coach, or in our laps. It is simply amazing how quickly and how much babies learn in such a short amount of time. We are thinking about working with him in the next few weeks to try to teach him to put himself to sleep, wish us luck!

Here is the video proof:
First day rolling belly to back

First day rolling back to belly

Connor doing some talking.


Anonymous said...

forgot to check in on the blog for a few days but happily found all the video clips today! I look at his pictures every day! Grammie:-)

Anonymous said...

he is so beautiful you guys! i love seeing the videos. makes me feel like i'm right there with you. :) love you! t-box