Monday, February 15, 2010

5 Months Old!

Its President's day and I have the day off, and for the first time I put Connor down for a nap in his crib, and it worked! So I have finally found a few minutes to write a quick post. Connor continues to develop at what seams like lighting speed. He masted rolling over a while ago and continues to prefer to be on his belly. He has not figured out how to roll back again, so for the time being he is still pretty stationary. He is however pulling his knees up under himself and moving a few inches which I describe as souching, and therefore rotate himself around a bit and move forward an inch or two if he works hard at it. We can now make him laugh these great belly laughs by making fools of ourselves, which of course Greg and I are happy to do just to hear that great laugh. His hair is starting to grow a bit, it is so cute how it stands up off his cute little head. We have started feeding him some rice cereal at night with somewhat limited success. He opens his mouth for the spoon, and will get a little bit down, but spits most of it back up. He does not seam to be a fan of the cereal in general, but we plan to keep trying it and work in some fruits and veggies in the near future. Connor can be a big talker too, when I come home from work I get Connor version of the days events. We also get a lot of Mammmammam, and Daddaddda too! Although I don't he is using the sounds to identify either of us just yet, it is a great sound to hear!

Well Connor first nap in the crib looks to be coming to a close (over an hour long!) so I must wrap this up. I will try to add more photos of our adventure this last month soon. They include getting to meet the newest addition to our extend family, Annika Louise Pisarsky, Connor's step cousin!

Best winter wishes Love The Chagnons!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I love to check in on the three of you and see an updated picture of the 'yummy one'! He is adorable and his smile could light up a room!
Love to all three of you!
Auntie Cindy