Monday, April 5, 2010

Top 10 Things I Love about my 6 month old

Connor says GO RED SOX! He is already a member of Red Sox Nation.

Connor just went to bed and thus ends our four full days of Mommy-Connor time. I was looking forward to this long weekend for weeks, and now that it is over I am sad! Connor was a perfect angel of a baby while Greg was gone and it was just the two of us. He loved the water at Baby/Mommy swim class, I can't wait till next week! He did great at the Circus, he like watching all the different acts and animals. Easter was spend with the Chalifours, the weather was so great we all spent a lot of time outside (in the shade of course) soaking up the warm weather.

Six months old is such a fun age, here is my top 10 list of why it is such a great age (in no particular order):

1. He know who Mommy and Daddy are, and when we get home from work he sequels in delight, kicks his feet, then leaps into our arms and gives great hugs and big sloppy wet kisses.

2. He can sit up on his own now which means we can put him in shopping carts and highchairs at restaurants, no more lugging the bucket seat everywhere if we don't want to.

3. Reading books. He now looks at the pictures and seams to be starting to understand the concept, and it is great quality baby/parent time.

4. Four bottle of formula a day. He drinks 4 large bottles each day and can go up to 4+ hours between feedings. Its so much easier to get out and do things.
5. Food! I love watching his reaction to all the new fruits and veggies. He is a smart baby too, he picked up on how a spoon worked rather quickly and now get excited when he realizes it is time for breakfast or dinner. Who can resist a face smeared with bright orange carrots!?

6. Smiles & laughs! It is so easy to get a smile and a laugh out of him, tickling, belly bubbles, acting like a goof, bring on the best sounding laughter I have ever heard, and the smiles make your heart melt.

7. Sleep! Connor has been sleeping thought the night for a few months, but I love that we have a bedtime routine: bottle, PJs, books, sleep sack, songs while rocking, lights out at 7:30pm. It is great quality time together and Greg and I can count on getting some time together before going to bed.

8. Naps! Finally if you time it all just right he will nap in his crib (this morning he did for 1.5 hours!), and I can get things done around the house again!

9. Almost crawling! He can spin around and move an inch or two backward or forwards, but is not quite mobile yet, which I am enjoying since once he is on the go life is going to be a lot more crazy.

10. He is just so darn cute and full of smiles that he brings a lot of happiness to a lot of people. I am already so proud of my little guy, he has a way of lighting up a room! I love to see the look of joy on family and friends faces that he brings to them, just by being himself. The compliments from complete strangers as to how cute and handsome he is don't hurt my mommy ego either.

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