Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Kicks!

We have reached yet another milestone. I can feel the baby kicking around in there! It started Monday night after dinner sitting on the coach. I felt what I would describe as little bubbles popping. I looked at Greg and said "I think I felt the baby kick me!" After the third one I was sure that is what I was feeling! He has been an active little guy ever since. He gets the most active after I have a meal. In the morning he gets really jumpy after I have some OJ. Greg is disappointed he will have to wait a few more weeks before these kicks can be felt on the outside. I explained that we Mommies get to fell it first as a reward for carrying the little one around.

On Friday we will hit the big 20 week mark! Half way done already! We will be having another ultrasound that morning, because the tech wanted to get some better photos of his heart. I can't wait to see him again and maybe no only feel the kicks but also get to see him doing the kicking.

Greg and I along with Mom and Dad are supposed to catch the Red Sox game tonight, but it looks like rain again tonight. We are out in the open and will get wet, maybe it will only be a drizzle and we can put up with it for most of the game. I will keep my fingers crossed anyways.

Update on our wonderful cruise is coming soon; I just need to find the time to type it all up.

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