Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weeks 21-22 Baby Update

We had our monthly prenatal doctor visit yesterday, and once again it was all good news. These visits are quick, just a check of my weight, blood pressure, and the baby’s heart beat. I have gained some weight for the first time, I am sure all that cruise food helped, it was a little less that what I was guessing, and right on track. The results from our quick follow-up ultrasound at week 20 said all is well with Baby C.’s heart. The nurse always gives me a thumps up when she takes my blood pressure. They must love me, I am an easy customer, never have had to call with a question or concern and everything is always in normal ranges.

The one thing I could do without is BACK PAIN! All I have to is sit the wrong way in my office chair (a very nice high back chair, and I have a foot rest, so it’s not the chairs fault) and that is it, my back hurts the rest of the day. I stretch, I massage, etc. and nothing will stop the pain once it starts. Anyone have a good recommendation for one of those heating pads you warm up in the microwave?

Here are some bump watch photos:
18 Weeks
20 Weeks
21 Weeks
22 Weeks
We have also gotten started on getting the baby’s room ready. Greg and his Dad installed a door to the baby’s room leading from the kitchen and the landing to the stairs that go to the 3rd floor (yes there was no door there before), and installed a wall and door in the staircase hallway that is located between the two bedrooms so we can quickly get from our room to the baby’s room (before we never used this space since the stairwell just had a railing at the top of the stairs that was open to the landing below where the “front” door to the house is). Need a visual? Click here to see this blog post that has a rendition of our home’s layout.

Here are some photos of their hard work! And I mean hard work, our house is OLD = nothing is level!

From inside the baby’s room:
From the kitchen/landing to 3rd floor: New wall, door and sheet rock on the inside of the wall looking up from the stair case:
Here is the hallway looking from the baby’s room to our bedroom:

We also picked out and ordered the bedding for the baby’s room! I found it on the JCPenny’s web site, and it is made by Carter’s (they make great baby’s cloths, so I hope the bedding is of the same top quality). Greg is a dog lover, and since they really don’t make boy bedding with kitties on it (guess it is more a girly thing), it was easy for us to both love this set. We ordered the matching mobile and valances as well. I think the colors will look good with the blue that the baby’s room is already painted.

Even better all the items are on sale, and even better than that it is easy to find coupon codes (I use this site: for I had to order the valances & mobile separate from the bedding due to low stock/back order issues, I used a code and got free shipping on that order, then when I ordered the bedding last night I found a 15% off the whole order coupon. I love the feeling of getting a bargain.

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