Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weeks 23-26 Baby Update

I had our monthly prenatal apt this morning at exactly 26 weeks. As usual all is well! I have gained a total of 10.5 lbs so far, which is great: not to much and not to little either. My blood presure was 118/72, and all the other quick tests were normal as well. I have to take the glocuse test some time in the next two weeks, I hope I pass the one hour test and don't have to go back for the 3 hour test!

I finally feel like it is now quite obvious to all that I pregnant! The belly is now easy to spot, and I know since most days when I get on the subway and woman (I just think this is because woman are more in tuned to pregnancy then men) will offer me her seat if there are no open seats. Although I still don’t feel right taking someone seat, which may change soon depending on my size and how crowed the train is.

Again this month my only complaint is the nagging back pain. I know I should spend more time at the gym working out my back mussels to make them stronger, but I am finding it too hard to drag myself out of bed in the morning, and I am to tired when I get home from work at night. So I will quit complaining since I could be doing more to keep from being so annoying.

We have gotten a lot done around the house this past month too. The hallway between the bedrooms is now almost complete (well we still have work to do on the stair case side, but hey that can wait for now). I painted the whole thing top to bottom once Greg was done with the drywall. All the trim got a fresh coat of white paint, and the walls are a nice light gray/blue (same paint we used to re-do the 3rd floor office), and even the ceiling needed some touching up. The new door to the baby’s room now has painted trim all around it. Before the trim went up I fixed up the paint where it got messed up due to construction, and I also painted the walls on the other side of the door where the landing is to the 3rd floor stairs. It was blue like the baby’s room before, but once the door went in and you could no longer see into the bedroom it looked weird, so I painted it the same green as the kitchen so the space would “flow”.

The 3rd floor got carpeted this past week (it looks great), so as soon as we have the time we will be setting it up with both Greg and my desks and it will be our shared office space. To show you all how far this space has come check out these before and after shots.
Before - this is what the room looked liked when we moved in in November 2006:
After with the new half wall & carpet:

The guest bed will be relocating to my parents house, and once we get the carpet tiles in (still trying to decide on the right color, going to order from, I think is a cool product) for the large area rug that will be in the baby’s room, then we will be ready to start setting it up as a nursery! Greg had a lot of gift cards as incentive bonuses from work, so we ordered and have since received the crib matters, a gliding chair and ottoman (can’t wait to put it together and give it a spin), and a baby carrier (called a Ergo baby, nifty contraception click here to see what it is).

Here are our weekly bump watch photos for the past month:

23 Weeks

24 Weeks

25 Weeks

26 Weeks

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b. said...

We LURVE the Ergo. However, we found that it didn't work quite so well for E when he was more infant-ish. Once he could spread his legs to do the front-carry, it turned into an invaluable piece of equipment. And now that he can ride on the back, we use it for all sorts of things from cooking dinner to doing chores to looking at houses! Truly a must have!