Friday, June 20, 2008

May 9th-11th: AJ Graduation & Mother's Day

Friday night us Chalifour’s headed up to Portland, ME for AJ's graduation from The University of Southern Maine. We all (Mom, Dad, Andy, Tom, Greg, AJ, & Brenna) got some dinner and had too much to drink at the Holiday Inn bar! The ceremony was the next morning we got to sit right next to the stage in the VIP section since AJ was on the stage, since he was the outgoing Student Body President. AJ introduced the student speaker, and took the chance to thank my parents and his brothers and sister, yeah I liked that part.


Chalifour Family

AJ & Brenna

Mother’s Dad we hosted my family for a late lunch / early dinner. The weather was nice and we decided to cook on the grill and have dinner outside. Greg made one of his famous steak au pave for Mom. We made too much food, but everyone seamed to enjoy the dinner we prepared. It got cold outside fast, and we moved back inside soon after dinner was done. I gave my Mom two handing plants for the back yard.

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