Wednesday, August 19, 2009

36 Weeks!

Or if you want to get real technical today is 36 weeks, and 5 days. We had our weekly apt yesterday afternoon, this week I saw the midwife, same one we saw our very first apt back in February, since my OB is on vacation this week. Nancy is great, and it now I know for sure that next baby we are going to see one of the midwifes vs. the OB for our check-ups. My OB is great, but I think I bore her with my average, normal pregnancy, and I feel a bit rushed each appointment, and really with such a great pregnancy I would like to work with someone who is a little more on the warm and fuzzy side, and all the midwifes I have talked to/worked with at the practice give me that warm and fuzzy feeling. Nancy was happy with my "sample", as she could plainly see I have been keeping myself well hydrated in all this heat. I have gained 1 pound since last week (right on target), she did not say out loud my BP only that it was good. Baby's heat beat sound nice and strong at ~155 bpm. She tested me for Group B Strep, which if I test positive for means I will need to have antibiotics (via IV) when I do go into labor. So let’s hope that comes back negative! She said the baby's head is down nice a low too. I think he has been for some time as whenever he gets the hic-ups I feel them down low.

Come this Friday when we hit 37 weeks Baby Boy C. is considered FULL TERM! Yes after Friday he is welcome to make his entrance any day now! I won’t get my hopes up for an early baby. I am going to go with the mindset that he won’t come till he is overdue at 41 weeks and that way if he does come early it will be a pleasant surprise. We have everything we need for his arrival, except we have not packed bags to be ready to go to the hospital yet. Greg seams more concerned about this than I, as I figure we live only a few miles from the hospital, he or anyone else in my family can gather up anything we forgot or find we need and bring it over to us.

This weekend I promise we will have photos up of the nursery, maybe even a before and after video tour. Here is the latest belly shot for your enjoyment. Oh and one of Greg and I at a wedding that we attended in CT this past weekend. I am not sure when we will have the photos from our photo shot at Lynch Park, but when they come in we will be sure to post our favorites.

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