Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baby C.'s Coming Home Outfit

At our baby shower my Mom presented me with the knitted sweater, booties, and hat that my Grandmother (Mimi) had knitted for me. It was the outfit I wore home from the hospital on May 7, 1978. Since in 1978 ultrasounds were not commonly used, it was unknown if I was to be a boy or a girl, so my Mimi used yellow and white yarn to knit my outfit. Now Baby Boy C. will wear the same outfit home from the hospital that I did! Yes he will look a little gender neutral, but we don't care, I am excited to have something so special for him to wear.

Here is the sweater set today:

And here is what I looked like wearing it back in 1978! Not the clearest photos, they are Polaroids and 31 years old: click on the photos to make it bigger and easier to see.

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