Sunday, August 23, 2009

37 Weeks - Full Term!

Baby Boy is fully cooked! I can't believe that after counting down his arrival in months, we now are counting weeks! He could decided to make his appearance any day in the next 3-4 weeks! Greg is of the opinion he will come early now, I am still planning in my head for him being over due. I admit I am getting frustrated that the simplest of thing have become so difficult. I can't do much, and I hate seeing things around the house that I should be able to clean, but just can't reach. Greg does so much already I am not going to make him scrub some spot on the carpet just because it is driving me nuts. As I type Greg is working hard on some house projects, mostly working on trim work on the 3rd floor window, and in the new hallway between the baby's room and our bed room. We got a lot of work done a few months ago, then we got busy and some finishing projects got put on the back burner. Good thing we (aka Greg) got so much of the hard work done long ago before it got so darn HOT, he is not enjoying working so hard this weekend with the heat and humidity.

On Friday work had a baby shower for me and another woman who is about a month behind me. I knew it was coming, and was glad that I had someone to share the spotlight with. Greg came in with me, the whole company got hot breakfast served, and they presented us with big baskets full of clothes, blankets, stuffed animals and more. I am so lucky to work at such a great company! After I emptied out the basket to wash all the clothes, etc I put it on top of the changing table. We had the door open and were letting the cats explore the room a bit, when I came in later in the day to find that Maverick found the basket, and decided it was a great place for a cat nap!

The Mosses Basket
A few of the things that came in the basket
Maverick likes the basket
37 Weeks! Getting big!
As promised later today I will do a post of the baby's room, with video!

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