Tuesday, July 14, 2009

31 Weeks!

Today was the first of the now bi-weekly OB appointments. As usual all checked out great, wight, BP, heartbeat, etc. I was in and out as of the office as usual (well except we had to wait 20 minutes to be called in, it was kind of unusual that they were already running late at 9:30 am). Due to the kind of activity I have been feeling I did not think he had flipped to the head down position as of yet, and my OB agreed with me and we both think he still has plenty of time to make the move, so it is not a concern right now.

We have a busy baby weekend coming up! Saturday we have our first Prenatal Prep Class at the hospital, and Sunday is our Baby Shower! I know our families have been working hard to put this shower together and we are already so thankful for amount of support and love that has been shown to us and baby boy C. For example just this past Sunday night, some very kind people gave us a boat loads of hand-me-downs! Including a very nice crib, mattress, toddler bed, extra crib sheets, 2 car seats, a bassinet, high chair, a basket of toys, and even one of those great Little Tikes Car & lawn mower for when he gets older (and for our friend's kids to play with in the mean time when they visit)! Our generous benefactors are not even family, they are family of family (my Aunt's SIL & BIL)! We are lucky people I have to tell you.

Here is the 31 Week belly shot:

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