Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Super Talented Mom!

I knew that as soon as my Mom found she was going to be a grandmother back in January she got right down to knitting some special things for baby boy C. My Dad and brothers were all sworn under the punishment of the wrath of Mom to not to let Greg or I know what she was working on until the baby shower. Just as I expected the last gift we opened at the shower was a basket of homemade goodies by Mom. Well I hope everyone else in the room was just as amazed by the results! On top of two blankets, and three very cute sweater sets, there was a knitted hat and booties that will be his first Halloween costume to make him look like a pumpkin, and a huge assortment of stuffed animals that will be his first toys! I think my brother put the work that went into all these gifts in his description of a typical night at home with Mom best: "Every night Mom would sit down, listen to the Red Sox game on the TV, and would knit with the speed, and efficiency of a Chinese sweat shop worker!"

Then there was one last very special gift, my Mom presented me with the yellow sweater, hat, and booties that my Mimi had made for me (her 1st grandchild) and I had worn home from the hospital. Now my Mom's first grandchild will also wear it home from the hospital! I will scan the photos for this post that my Mom gave me of myself in the outfit getting ready to head home as soon as Greg reconnects the printer/scanner.

Here are the close up photos of Mom's hard work (not sure why some photos are not turned right, I fixed them before I upload them):
Big Blanket
smaller cotton blanket
Santa hat for ChristmasPumpkin Halloween costumeSweater set oneSweater set twoSweater set 3The Fish
The OctopusThe DuckThe Black CatThe Siamese CatThe Bunny BlanketThe MouseThe BunnyThe SheepThe CaterpillarThe Puppy

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