Monday, July 13, 2009

White Water Rafting & Camping on the Kennebec River

Being 31 weeks pregnant did not stop me from planning and coming along (just to camp, not to raft) on our annual WWR trip to the Kennebec River in Maine this past weekend. AJ, Brenna, Nikki, Xavier, and I hung out at the camp site, took some walks, and had a nice lunch at the lodge while the rest of the crew hit the river. Our huge tent and air mattress provided plenty of room and I slept just fine both nights! After all the cloudy, cool, rainy weather we are happy to report we had nice sunny warm days both Friday & Saturday! While I can't speak for the the crew on the water, all reports came back that they had a great time. With all the rain the river was running with more water than usual making the rapids that more exciting (only draw back was the trip was about an hour shorter than usual since the water was running so quickly).

The drive up is usually 4 hours from Beverly, it took us over 5 hours to get there this year due to a bad accident on Rt 95 in Southern ME (AJ & Brenna were the only ones not effected). Greg and I drove right by the accident, a camper was on its side, split in two on the left side of the highway! Every one was running late, some as last as midnight who worked all day and did not get started till after 5 pm (yea we were popular with the other campers, yes I am being sarcastic). I am happy to report our ride home on Sunday morning was much less eventful.

Here are some photos and commentary from our weekend:

The Kennebec River running right by our camp site. The white water part of the river is further north of here, so we did not see our party float by.

Greg and I happy to finally be at the camp site, huge tent put up, and ready to enjoy a nice night.

Xavier did his part to keep the camp site clean, picking up pine cones and keeping them safe in this discarded 6 pack container.

The whole group just before hitting the water.

Adam the guide took this photo..Greg has fallen and can't get up!

I took this photo just before they exited the river from a foot bridge over the river..don't they all look like they had a good time, waving their pirate flag!

Left back to front: Sabrina, Emily, Tom
Right Back to front: Aaron, Greg, Holly, Mike

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melissa said...

dude,they had such a great time! i need to come next year. :)